Which is the best kite school in Tarifa?

In Tarifa there is quite a few kite schools, good and bad. My personal recommendation is to evaluate the quality of the school according to there criteria:
-Services offered: A school that has its own center on the beach and/or kitesurfing shop.
-Dirrefent types of courses offered: Make sure you can choose a course best suited to your skills.
-The brand of the equipment used during lessons: The better the equipment the better you'll learn.
-Instructors' level of certification: The higher is the level of the instructors the more teaching experience they have, this means better quality of the kitesurfing lessons and better results.
-Insurance: Make sure that the kite school has insurance in case of an accident.
-IKO affiliated center: In order to obtain an IKO affiliation a kite school needs to pass series of tests, meet different requirements and renew every year. IKO is known worldwide and an affiliated school is sure to offer quality service.