Kite and bar rental

Rent kitesurf equipment in Tarifa. Kites and bars of different sizes and models: freestyle, freeride and wave. We have kite sizes from 6m to 13m

Information & reservations

North Evo - 4m, 6m, 7m, 9m, 10m, 12m:
Evo is a very versitile kite and it can be used for freestyle, freeride and waves. The kite has a smooth and predictable feel. It has a progressive power and it flies more like a C shape kite than hybrid / delta which it is. This means improvements in speed and responsiveness. Evo can be used with 4 or 5 line bars, in both configurations it has excellent depower. We recommend it for all type of riders, whether riding hooked or unhooked, freeride, freestyle and small waves.

North Vegas - Freestyle and Wakestyle - 7m, 9m, 12m:
Vegas is a kite that stands out especially in freestyle, it is used by the best riders in the competitions. There are different options to configure the kite suitable for wakestyle, freeride, and of course for freestyle. It has a very aggressive pop, which allows extreme height on jumps and powerful tricks. We recommend Vegas for riders with intermediate or advanced level, enthusiasts of freestyle and wakestyle.

North Dice - Waveriding and Freestyle - 7m, 9m, 12m:
Dice is the latest project from the North Kiteboarding, with flight characteristics of a C-shape. Excellent performance in wakestyle, wave riding and freestyle. It is based on a C-shaped profile, with a light structure of three struts. Very direct and predictable in the air. The feeling on the bar is intuitive and easy. It is a perfect kite for wakestyle and to surf waves. We recommend it for riders with intermediate or advanced level.

Prices for equipment rental

EquipmentHalf a day (4hours)Whole day (8 hours)
Kite and bar 40 euro 50 euro
Twintip or surfkite board 20 euro 30 euro
Kite, bar and board 50 euro 60 euro

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