Freestyle old school

Kitesurfing advanced lessons in Tarifa - Freestyle Old School

Course description:
In freestyle old school course you'll learn jumps while being hooked to the harness. You can learn all the techniques that have made this sport so expectacular from the beginning. You can choose the ones you'd like to learn the most.

Minimum level required:
-Riding upwind
-Being able to launch the kite easily from the water
-Retrieve a missing board by using body dragging

-Basic jumps
-Back loop and Front loop
-Aereal trasitions
-Kiteloop and Downloop
-Board-off and One foot
-and much more

Durationof the course:
Recommende duration of the course is 2 hours per day.

FAQ - What's included?
The course includes all the equipment needed: Kite, bar, harness, lifejacket, helmet, insurance and IKO certificate.

Prices for advanced courses

Course daysCourse hoursPrice x person
day 2 100 euro
days 4 (2 per day) 200 euro
days 6 (2 per day) 300 euro
days 8 (2 per day) 400 euro
days 10 (2 per day) 500 euro