Balneario - Kitesurf Spot Tarifa

The first Beach of Tarifa for Kitesurfing is Balneario, here you will find a description of the spot and all the amenities.

Location: This is the fisrt beach just next to la Isla de la Paloma, which separates Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It is situated in the center of Tarifa just 200 meters away from the harbor.

Services: 2 bars, 2 parking lots, public showers (available 8-10 months a year)

Beach: Fine sand and no stones, the seabed is sand as well

Use of the beach: Kitesurfing is prohibited from 15th June until 15th September, permitted rest of the year

With Poniente: About 40% of the days. Side-on-shore. Normally choppy and small waves of 1 meter, with an average swell of about 2 meters, with storm we may have 4 or 5 meter waves but this happens only couple of times a year . Constant wind.

With Levante: Approximately 50% of the days. Side-off-shore. Normally the sea is completely flat with all the intensity of wind and without swell, with swell waves average is between one and two meters, with strong swell (only a few days a year, and generally in winter) waves of 3 or 4 meters. Constant wind.

Southerly wind: Approximately 5% of the days. On-shore. The ocean is very choppy with rough waves. Medium-high difficulty of condition because the direction of the wind and waves make upwind riding hard. Constant wind.

Northerly wind: Approximately 5% of the days. Side-Shore. Ocean a little bit choppy. With medium and strong swell perfect conditions for surfkite. Constant wind.

Dangers: Two very large accumulations of rocks that can not be seen with high tide. At first it is recommended to ride slowly and try to locate them. Note that the wind is side-off-shore and during mid and low season there is no rescue boat.

Recommended level: Advanced and Expert

Best condition: For freestyle Levante with flat sea. For surfkite Poniente or North wind with medium and strong swell.


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