FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Bring along a swim costume, water, suncream and sunglasses for the warm-up session on the beach. We provide the rest; wetsuit, harness, lifejacket, helment, kite, bar and board.

People of all ages can kitesurf - our kite school offers courses for children minimum age of 6 years but there is no maximum age, the only thing you need is a will to learn and we take care of the rest.

You can pay in different ways. It is possible to pay day by day or all at once at the beginning of the course, with cash or with credit/debit card (visa, mastercard). You can also pay a deposit or the whole price in advance by using Paypal or by making a transfer. If you'd like to book an accommodation through us, we require 20% deposit from the total price.

In Tarifa there is quite a few kite schools, good and bad. My personal recommendation is to evaluate the quality of the school according to there criteria:
-Services offered: A school that has its own center on the beach and/or kitesurfing shop.
-Dirrefent types of courses offered: Make sure you can choose a course best suited to your skills.
-The brand of the equipment used during lessons: The better the equipment the better you'll learn.
-Instructors' level of certification: The higher is the level of the instructors the more teaching experience they have, this means better quality of the kitesurfing lessons and better results.
-Insurance: Make sure that the kite school has insurance in case of an accident.
-IKO affiliated center: In order to obtain an IKO affiliation a kite school needs to pass series of tests, meet different requirements and renew every year. IKO is known worldwide and an affiliated school is sure to offer quality service.

You can kitesurf all year round in Tarifa, and our kite school offers classes every day of the year. You can count on the wind being perfect for kitesurfing 80% of the time here, making Tarifa one of the most famous kite spots in the world - you really won't find many other places like it.

To get a real feel for kitesurfing, you'll need a minimum of 3 days. Depending on how quickly you learn, add one or two days on to that. After 5 days of lessons you'll have enough knowledge to keep practicing safely and independently improving your skills. We offer also equipment rental and supervision for you to keep practicing with us. To ride with a good level and being able to try your first jumps you'll need about 10-15 days of practice, for example 4 or 5 days of lessons and other 5 to 10 days practicing on your own.

If you have already had kitesurfing lessons, we'll start from where you left off so that you can get moving forward ASAP. Of course, we can always re-cap any info you might feel you need going over.

Yes, not a problem! If you come alone and want to join into a group session, we'll make sure you're put into a group with a similar level of experience.

Although at first glance it looks like a strength sport, is not it! Kitesurfing it's all about technique and practice, the kite pulls us with the wind through the harness attached to our body, we only have to handle it the right way. The simple fact that there are children of 6 and 7 years practicing this sport, confirms that there is to do a lot of physical effort.