Rent twintip kiteboards

Rent kitesurf equipment in Tarifa. Rent the equipment of the best brand on the market in our school: Kite, twintip boards, surfkites, harnesses and wetsuits.

Information & reservations

North Gonzales - Freeride - 134x40 & 138x41,4:
Gonzales is a very versatile freeride board and it suits you whether you've just started to surf or you're practicing your first jumps and tricks. Its carving allows you to change direction very easily and it's agile on toeside and heelside. Soft and comfortable with chopping. Recommended for advancing your skills.

North X-ride - Freeride and waveride - 132x39 & 135x40
X-Ride is the most versatile board of North Kiteboarding, its rocker offers a good ride quality and easy entry into a glide. It also has more grip on the water and better control with chopping. Its new shape and length are combined with freeride fins specially designed to provide better performance in upwind riding. Recommended for wave, freestyle and freeride.

North Team Series - Wakestyle and Freestyle - 134x40 &137x41:
The Team Series is a board for the most demanding riders in both freestyle and wakestyle. It is the board used by most top riders on the planet. Rigid board with a very explosive pop, its high level torsional stiffness allows greater control and smoother response, especially in the critical point of impact in the landing, increasing the chances of closing more tricks.

Prices for equipment rental

EquipmentHalf a day (4hours)Whole day (8 hours)
Kite and bar 40 euro 50 euro
Twintip or surfkite board 20 euro 30 euro
Kite, bar and board 50 euro 60 euro

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