Los Lances - Kitesurf Spot Tarifa

The fourth Beach in Tarifa for kitesurfing is Los Lances, here you will find a description of the spot and all the amenities.

Location: Beach stretches from Río Jara to Arte Vida

Services: 2 public carparks at a walking distance from the beach, 5 bars (some open all year round, some 8 months of the year), private showers, air compressor pumps for your kites provided by the majority of the bars. Rescue boat during the high season.

Beach: Fine, white sand with small stones in areas. The majority of the seabed is pure sand, with stones mixed in further north up Los Lances beach.

Use of the beach: Kitesurf is permitted all year round. Between 15 June - 15 September kitezones are set out along the beach. The majority of the beach is dedicated to kitesurf but there is also a zone for windsurfers and a small zone for swimmers. The zones are not particularly clearly marked, but you should nevertheless try to keep to your zone to avoid any accidents.

With Poniente: Approx 40% of time. Side-on-shore. A little bit choppy, with average swell/waves around 1-2 metres beach break. Constant wind.

With Levante: 50% of the time. Side-shore / side-off-shore. Very little chop out at sea and zero swell. Gusty wind.

Southerly wind: Approx 5% of the time. On-shore. Choppy waves. Medium-High difficulty due to direction of the wind and waves making it difficult to make your way out to sea. Wind is constant without gusts.

Northerly wind: Approx 5% of the time. Side-shore. Little chop at sea but wind becomes very gusty.

Dangers: Large sandy beach with no dangers. In the northern end there might be some stones.

Recommended level: All levels

Best condition: For freestyle and freeride with Poniente. For surfkite there are some great waves at the norhern end of the beach.


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