Kite Camp Tarifa - Intermediate and Advanced Level

Kitesurf camp in Tarifa. Sign up for a kite camp in Tarifa. Week program for intermediate and advanced levels! Accommodation, transport, equipment, insurance and IKO certification included!

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Kitesurfing Camp in Tarifa - Detailed program Intermediate and advanced level

- Stop by the edging on the board.
- Keep your body in the correct position and direction while kiting.
- Recover the board without leash.
- Correct the body position while riding.
- Ride down-wind.
- Practice and ride in both directions.
- Ride against the wind in both directions, up-wind.
- Body position to ride against the wind.
- Change direction without stop.
- Ride in "Toe Side".
- Change direction "Heel Side" to "Toe Side"
- Jumping and landing theory.
- Practice the firsts jumps.
- Undestand riding rules and priorities.

The Kite Camp for beginners includes all the material necessary to carry out the activity. Each student receives: Kite, bar, harness, wetsuit, floating vest, board and helmet. It also includes accident insurance, civil liability, lifeboat and IKO certificate. Hostel accommodation. Courses with walkie-talkie radios to stay in touch and learn much more. 100% guaranteed learning.

Kitesurf Camp Prices in Tarifa - Intermediate and Advanced Level

Date5 Nights + 5 Days Course6 Nights + 6 Days Course7 Nights + 7 Days Course
October to April €650 €780 €910
May €675 €810 €945
June and September €700 €840 €980
July and August €750 €900 €1050

These are example prices for standard packages, including 5, 6, or 7 nights of accommodation and 5, 6, or 7 days of the course. **In case of one or more days without wind, the full-day amount will be refunded. Remember that you can modify the course and accommodation days according to your availability. You can start any day of the week and adjust the number of days, reducing or adding more days, both for the course and accommodation. Contact us with the exact arrival and departure days, and we will calculate a personalized quote based on your needs.

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