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feb 14, 2024 | Tags: wingfoil, tarifa, wingfoil lessons

Why the Wingfoil is conquering so many practitioners in a short time? What is that? How does it work and how much does it cost?

Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Voucher. Gift a kite surfing lesson in Tarifa. Gift a voucher in our kite school, beginner, intermediate or advanced lessons.

mar 05, 2017 | Tags: kite school, kitesurfing lessons

Kite Lessons in Tarifa - Easter Week Offer. This year we have made a Coupon Discount that you can redeem at Easter in all our kitesurf courses, lessons and equipment rentals in Tarifa.

Low Season Offer in Tarifa, available from 1 th December until 31 th March every year. Less 20% discount on all our kitesurfing lessons and accommodation.