Rio Jara / Lagoon - Kitesurf Spot Tarifa

The third Beach in Tarifa for kitesurfing is Laguna or Rio Jara, here you will find a description of the spot and all the amenities.

Location: Carretera Nacional 340 highway at 82km. It's possible to arrive from La Jaima or Los Lances by foot.

Services: 1 parking and a bar about 500m away (open only during the summer)

Beach: The beach is fine sand without stones, seabed is sand as well. Lagoon has a mix of sand and mud.

Use of the beach: From 15th of June to 15th of September kitesurfing is not permitted, rest of the year permitted only in the water. In the Lagoon practicing kitesurfing is prohibbed all year, there are controls on behalf of the authorities.

With Poniente: Approximately 40% of the days. Side-on-shore. Usually medium and small choppy waves less than 1m, with medium swell waves around 1.5 / 2 meters, with storm 3 / 4 meter waves (this only happens a few times a year). Lagoon is really flat. Constant wind.

With Levante: Approximately 50% of the days. Side-off-shore. Normally completely flat sea and no swell with all wind intensities, with medium swell waves between 1 and 2 meters, with strong swell waves about 3 meters (this only happens a few time a year, usually during winter). Gusty wind.

Southerly wind: Approximately 5% of the days. On-shore. Ocean with lot of chop and condition medium-high difficulty because the direction of the wind and waves make riding upwind harder. Constant wind.

Northerly wind: Approximately 5% of the days. Side-shore. Ocean with just a little chop. With medium or strong swell it's perfect condition for surfkite. Gusty wind.

Dangers: No dangers. If you decide to ride in the Lagoon it's at your own risk and remember that it's not permitted.

Recommended level: All levels

Best condition: For freestyle in the Lagoon Poniente or southerly wind. For surfkite Levante.


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