La Jaima - Kitesurf Spot Tarifa

The second beach in tarifa for Kitesurfing is La Jaima, campo da football, here you will find a description of the spot and all the amenities.

Location: Direct access from Tarifa town to beach, less than 2km away from the port.

Services: 1 bar, 1 parking, private showers and kite pump air compressor provided by the beach bar.

Beach: Fine sand, no stones. The seabed is also fine sand.

Use of the beach: Kitesurfing is prohibited between 15th June and 15th September, permitted during the rest of the year.

With Poniente: Approximately 40% of the days. Side-on-shore. Usually medium and small choppy waves less than 1m, with medium swell waves around 1.5 / 2 meters, with storm 3 / 4 meter waves (this only happens a few times a year). Constant wind.

With Levante: Approximately 50% of the days. Side-off-shore. Normally completely flat sea and no swell with all wind intensities, with medium swell waves between 1 and 2 meters, with strong swell waves about 3 meters (this only happens a few time a year, usually during winter). Gusty wind.

Southerly wind: Approximately 5% of the days. On-shore. Ocean with lot of chop and condition medium-high difficulty because the direction of the wind and waves make riding upwind harder. Constant wind.

Northerly wind: Approximately 5% of the days. Side-shore. Ocean with just a little chop. With medium or strong swell it's perfect condition for surfkite. Constant wind with little gust.

Dangers: No dangers. Medium difficulty only with southerly wind.

Recommended level: All levels

Best condition: For freeride Poniente. For surfkite Poniente or northerly wind with medium/strong swell.


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