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Transform your passion!! Become an IKO instructor with us. 3sixty Kite school Tarifa is an affiliated iko center...

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If you want to turn your passion for kitesurf into a profession, you can become an IKO instructor.

IKO - International Kiteboarding Organization - offers a reliable and professional training program. IKO certification known worldwide. Once you finish your training you have acquired and developed knowledge to teach kitesurf professionally and safely.

The program includes exercises with real students and theory lessons. After finishing the course you are qualified as an IKO instructor level 1 and able to work as an instructor in a kitesurfing school. IKO has trained instructors since 2001, it operates in 39 countries and currently has hundreds of affiliated centers around the world.

Once you become part of the IKO network you'll have access to a whole range of jobs worldwide.

Requirements and benefits of the IKO instructor course

Kitesurf Instructor course. Prerequisites to obtain the IKO international kitesurf intructor certification in Tarifa. International Kiteboarding Organization...

In the following part you'll find all the requirements for entering an instructor training course and all the benefits you'll get after finishing the course. If you need help or more information, contact us and we will help you throughout the whole application process.


− Be at least 18 years old.
− Be a certified IKO Kiteboarder Level 4 or equivalent level (jump and grab, ride toe-side, ride upwind,
recover the board in deep water, complete a rider recovery while body dragging, make a self-rescue
in deep water, self-launch, which are all evaluated during the ITC). To make sure their riding skills
can be evaluated during the ITC, candidates can bring a video demonstrating the requested skills.
This is in case there is not enough wind during the course to perform the riding test.
− Have a valid IKO Assistant…

IKO kitesurf instructor course - Assintant instructor

Kitesurf intructor course AITC. Assistant intructor course to obtain the international kitesurf instructor license IKO in tarifa. International Kiteboarding Organization...

AITC - Assistant Instructor Training Course
Assistant instructor training course is one of the requirements for ITC instructor course. It is a professional kiteboarding course created and developed by IKO to access the Kitesurf Instructor Course (ITC) or to learn more about safety, rescue skills and to acquire additional theoretical knowledge such as meteorology, tides, equipment maintenance, aerodynamics, rules of right of way, international signs, etc., which makes it a multi-purpose course for all kitesurfers and future instructors.
If you have already done an AITC assistant course in another IKO center, you must bring the assigned ID number of IKO with you. If you still do not have this course you can do it with us a few days before the ITC course. The AITC course lasts approximately 5 days and will take place at our kitesurf school in Tarifa. The price is…

IKO kitesurf instructor course - First aid

Kitesurf instructor course MFA. First aid course to obtain the certification of international kitesurf instructor IKO in Tarifa. International Kiteboarding Organization...

Medic First Aid
The first aid course is one the requirements for ITC kitesurf instructor course. If you have already completed a first aid course, you have to bring the certificate with you. For the course to be valid you had to have completed it less than 2 years ago, otherwise you have to redo it. In this case or if you haven't done the course at all, it is available in our school 1 day before the ITC course is scheduled. The first aid course is approximately 6 hours and has a price of 100 euros with certificate and manual included.

Duration of the course:
The course is approximately 6 hours, from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

Study material provided by the school:
-First aid manual
-First aid card

IKO kitesurf instructor course - Instructor course

Kitesurf instructor course ITC. Instructor course to obtain the international kitesurf instructor license IKO in tarifa. International Kiteboarding Organization...

ITC - Instructor Training Course
The ITC is a professional course created and developed by IKO to train candidates as instructors and instructors of kitesurfing. The IKO Kitesurf monitor ITC course is the last stage of your training course as a kitesurf instructor. After completing this course you will obtain your Level 1 diploma and you will be able to work as a certified kiteboarding instructor in many countries around the world or also open your own school. The ITC course lasts 5 days and will take place at our kitesurf school in Tarifa. The price of this training course is € 750 with certificate, IKO membership fees and manual included.

Duration of the course:
The course lasts approximately 5 days, from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. With the possibility of extending 1 more day in case the wind is not suitable.

Study material…

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