Kitesurfing advanced lessons in Tarifa - Supervision

Description of supervision:
If you're already riding but need an instructor who will supervise you during your training, you can take 3 or 4 hours of supervision. Supervision isn't a course but support that we give you with preparation of the equipment on the beach, launching and landing the kite and help with recognizing a safe practice zone. When you are in the water, we supervise you while you make your excercises. If some inconvenience appears with preparation or riding, for example a board goes missing, or you need some advice with a movement or jump we are there to help you.

The assistance you'll receive while supervision:
-Preparation of the equipment
-Help with launching and landing the kite
-Defining a safe practice zone
-Help with launching the kite from water
-Help if your board goes missing
-Advice for improving your skills
-Free use of school's services

Duration of the supervision:
The supervision has a minimum of 3 hours up to a whole day, according to your needs.

FAQ - What's included?
Supervision includes all the assistence on the beach and free use of school services. Doesn't include equipment, but it's possible to rent them separately.

Prices for supervision / pool

Days of supervisionHours per dayPrices
1 day 3 30 euros
2 days 6 (3 hours per day) 60 euros
3 days 9 (3 hours per day) 90 euros
4 days 12 (3 hours per day) 120 euros