IKO Member Card Certificate

In our school we certify all the students that pursue our kitesurf courses in Tarifa with the new Vcard certificate. The IKO certificate that gives you the possibility to rent all over the world!

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IKO Member card
3Sixty Kite School Tarifa is IKO affiliated center, all of our instructors are certified with IKO level 2 senior (third and highest level), when taking any of our kitesurfing lessons you'll receive an IKO member card as part of your training.
The IKO member card verifies the level of your skills and shows your progress when you keep practicing and preparing to reach complete 3rd level, an independent kitesurfer.
This way any kite school where you may take lessons in the future can easily check your level from the IKO card.
Most of the kite schools around the world recognize the IKO member card and will require it if you want to rent kitesurfing equipment.

*All of our courses include the IKO member card
*If you know how to ride independently and you want an IKO member card the cost is 30 euros with 3 hours of supervision during which we can verify you correct level.

IKO Certificate Card 

With kite lesson - includedWithout kite lesson - 30 euros
If you do any kite course with us, the IKO card is included, there is no additional cost. If you don't do any courses with us, the IKO card has a price of 30 euros including 3 hours of supervision.

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