Semiprivate lesson

Semiprivate kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa

Semiprivate Kite Lesson
Semiprivate lessons provide 2 to 1 coaching (2 per 1 instructor). Students are assigned to their own individual equipment; harness, wetsuit, leash, lifejacket, helmet, board and kite. This is more intensive course with lots of opportunity for personalised, taylored tuition. It is available for all levels and is a great way to ensure your course is best suited to your individual needs. Whether you both arrive with the same level or not, this is a great choice if you are a 2 and want to improve together or on an indivudal basis. 2 people minimum, but in case we have another student interested in this course form it is available even if you come alone.

To put it simply:
2 persons - 1 instructor - 2 kites
Average price 30 euros per hour
This course can be reserved for minimum 3 hours